Connect to Public Sewer

Are you interested in connecting your home, business or undeveloped property to a public sewer system? This section discusses those opportunities whether you live in a home with an on-site system, a neighborhood with a private system or have raw land in unincorporated Boone County.

Connecting your Neighborhood

Whether your neighborhood is served by a private treatment facility or each home has its own individual sewer system, the Sewer District may be able to provide service.

If your home and your neighbor's homes are all connected to a common treatment facility such as a neighborhood lagoon, and you and your neighbors are in need of assistance with managing the system, the District may be able to help.

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If your home and the other homes in your neighborhood each have their own sewer system such as a lagoon or septic tank, and you and your neighbors are interested in connecting to a public sewer system, the district may be able to help.

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Connecting an Existing Home or Business with an On-Site System

If you are experiencing a problem with your septic system or private lagoon, you may want to look into connecting to a public sanitary sewer system.

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Connecting a New Development

If you are interested in developing a piece of property in unincorporated Boone County, you need to meet with the Sewer District to discuss how to provide sanitary sewer service to the homes or businesses.

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