For Developers

Planning Sewer for a Proposed Development

The following is a summary of the process for connecting a new development to the Sewer District:

  1. Concept Review – Developers and their engineers meet with the Sewer District to determine options for sewer service.
  2. Submission of Preliminary Plan/Plat – District staff reviews plans and shares comments with the Developer and/or Engineer.
  3. Preparation, Acquisition and Assignment of Sewer Easements, Warranty Deed and Bill of Sale – All easements to the sanitary sewer system must be granted to the Sewer District.  The developer must transfer real estate ownership to the Sewer District by way of a Warranty Deed and other property by Bill of Sale.
  4. Submission of Revised Plans and Legal Documents – The developer must submit five copies of the final plans to the Sewer District as well as the easements, warranty deed, bill of sale and proposed final plat.
  5. City of Columbia Approval – If wastewater treatment is provided by the City of Columbia, the plans are submitted to City Engineering for approval. The District follows the City of Columbia's sanitary sewer specifications.
  6. Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) Approval and Construction Permit – Once the plans are approved, the plans are submitted to MDNR along with application for construction permit and the application fee. The fee depends on the type and size of the proposed system.
  7. Sewer District Construction Permit – Developer or the construction company hired by the developer to build the sanitary sewer acquires a Sewer District construction permit at the District office. The permit gives the District notice of when construction is scheduled to begin. There is no fee involved.
  8. Construction Inspection – District personnel inspect the construction in progress.
  9. Pre-final inspection – District personnel perform pre-final inspection and prepare final punch list.
  10. As-Builts – Once the sewer system is complete, as-builts must be prepared and submitted to Sewer District.
  11. Record Final Plat – Sanitary sewer infrastructure must be completed and operable before the Plat is recorded.
  12. Facility Start-Up – The developer will arrange a walk through and training session for Sewer District operators on new treatment facilities and pump stations.
  13. Notice of Completion to MDNR – District submits letter of authorization to MDNR and applies for Operating Permit if applicable.

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