For Engineers

Designing the Sanitary Sewer System for the Proposed Development

When designing sanitary sewer infrastructure that will become part of the Sewer District's system, please follow the City of Columbia's Sanitary Sewer Specifications and Standards. The District Board felt it made sense to standardize the sewer utility in Boone County by adopting the City of Columbia's Sanitary Sewer Specifications. Also many areas of the District system are interconnected to the City of Columbia, so it made sense to follow the same specifications.

If you are designing a Septic Tank Effluent Pump (STEP) system, please download and review those specifications.

Please review the process noted for the developer of a new development. Some of the steps are pertinent to the Engineer.

Contact our staff if you have questions about designing a sanitary sewer system for a subdivision that will be served by the Sewer District.