Connecting Your Neighborhood

Connecting neighborhoods served by a private treatment facility

If your home and your neighbor's homes are all connected to a common treatment facility such as a neighborhood lagoon, and you and your neighbors are in need of assistance with managing the system, the District may be able to help.

The process for transferring ownership, operations and maintenance to the Sewer District is as follows:

  1. Concept Review – Representatives of the neighborhood meet with District personnel to discuss transfer of ownership of the private system to the Sewer District.
  2. Inspection of private treatment and collection system - District personnel evaluate the system. The District will not accept a system that does not meet its standards.
  3. Review of Inspection Report – The District shares results of inspection shared with owners.
  4. Completion of Improvements – If needed, owners complete the improvements documented in the inspection report at their own expense. If the costs are substantial, the County Commission may form a Neighborhood Improvement District (NID) to finance the design and construction costs of the improvements. Read an explanation of how NIDs work >
  5. Connection and Inspection Fees – The owners will need to pay connection and inspection fees.
  6. Transfer of Sewer Easements – All easements to the collection system must be transferred to the Sewer District to allow access for operations and maintenance.
  7. Transfer of Ownership – Once improvements are complete and the project is inspected and accepted, the neighborhood transfers real estate ownership to the Sewer District by way of a Warranty Deed and other property by Bill of Sale.
  8. Transfer of O and M – Sewer District takes over operations and maintenance of the system.
  9. Initiate Monthly Sewer Service Bill – Property owners receive a monthly sewer service bill.

Contact our staff to set up the initial meeting >