Connecting neighborhoods where each home has its own individual sewer system

There are neighborhoods in the County where each home has its own sewer system. Often these systems were built before water quality regulations became stricter and now the on-site sewer system is obsolete. Homeowners are faced with the high cost and hassle of improving their individual sewer system. Sometimes these neighborhoods find that the best solution is to install a public collection and treatment system. The Sewer District is willing to explore providing service.

Often the cost to make the transition from private to public seems to be more than you think you can manage, but there is a program that offers affordable funding. The Neighborhood Improvement District (NID) program makes it financially feasible for individual homeowners and their neighbors to install a public sanitary sewer system. The neighborhood borrows the cost of the sewer system from the County. Residents pay back their share of the cost over a twenty-year period at a low interest rate. Once construction is complete, the District will take over the operation and maintenance of the system and the residents will become District customers.

How to Form a NID

An explanation of how to form a NID is available on the Boone County website at the link below. In the case of sanitary sewer NIDs, District personnel will be the NID coordinator and can provide the application to form a NID to interested property owners and submit the completed application to the Boone County Commission.

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Once the NID is complete, the residents who benefit may pay off their share of the costs in one lump sum or over twenty years in annual payments to the Boone County Collector.

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