FAQs - General

Frequently Asked General Questions (About the BCRSD, on-site waste water systems, utility flags)

Sewer service involves the collection and treatment of wastewater. Wastewater is "used" water that is deposited into drains by residents and businesses. Flushing the toilet, taking a shower, and running the washing machine are all examples of everyday activities that produce wastewater. This wastewater drains down the sink or toilet and travels through a network of underground pipes known as the sanitary sewer system. Reclaiming wastewater is fundamental to protecting our water supply and guarding against water pollution.

The District is a public sewer utility formed by the voters of Boone County in 1973 to work with the County Commission on wastewater planning. In 1985, due to growth and the increased need for quality wastewater management, the District acquired collection and treatment facilities from private companies, individuals and homeowners' associations. The District is regulated by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR).

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The District operates and maintains many of the public collection systems (underground piping) and treatment facilities (lagoons and treatment plants) that serve many of the rural subdivisions surrounding the City of Columbia.

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The District is funded by the user fees it collects. The District does not receive any tax funding.

The cost of connecting to public sewer is determined by the location of the property and other factors. Call our office, 573-443-2774, to inquire about connection to the Sewer District system. We will determine if there is a collection system close to your home and if there is capacity at the facility to treat the wastewater from your home or business.

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The District is not involved with single family homes that have on-site wastewater systems. The Boone County Health Department regulates and inspects single on-site wastewater systems such as septic systems and lagoons that serve one home or business.

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The District is governed by a five-member Board of Trustees appointed by the County Commission. One of the Commissioners fills one of the trustee positions. This board meets every third Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. in the District Office (1314 North 7th Street). You are encouraged to attend to voice your questions and concerns or simply find out what is happening with the District.

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The flags are on your property because a request was made to Missouri One Call (MO1Call) to locate underground utilities. Each color represents a different utility or has a different meaning.

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If you still have a question, you may contact a staff member by using the e-mail contact form.