Wastewater Collection

Every day, homes and businesses generate wastewater from sinks, tubs, toilets and industrial processing. The wastewater collection system, or sewer system, carries that wastewater from our customers to a wastewater reclamation facility.

Small diameter lateral pipes, which belong to the homeowner, carry the wastewater from your property to the sewer main. In a residential area, most sewer main is 8" in diameter. The 8" pipe feeds into increasingly larger mains until it comes into the treatment/reclamation plant. This network of pipes is 95 miles long — long enough to reach St. Charles if laid end-to-end.  Vertical pipes, called manholes, connect the mains to the surface. The manholes are used for access to the sewer pipes for inspection and maintenance. The District has approximately 1,570 manholes in its collection system.

The District's sanitary sewer collection systems carries domestic and industrial wastewater and are operated separately and independently of storm drains, which carry the runoff of rain and other water which wash into streets and parking lots, etc.

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