The Boone County Regional Sewer District is constantly working to improve and expand its system. The District continues to evolve by upgrading to meet changing water quality standards, by researching ways to become more efficient and by reducing the impact of wastewater treatment on the water quality of Boone County.

Ongoing projects are usually motivated by the following three programs or needs:

  1. Capital Improvements Program (CIP) – This is a long term program that evaluates all the District's systems and proposes a schedule for making improvements. 

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  2. Neighborhood Improvement District (NID) – The NID program is a way for neighborhoods in need of improvements to their sanitary sewer system to borrow funds from the County to finance the improvements. All properties in the neighborhood share the costs of the improvements and have the option of paying their share over a twenty-year period. The County Commission administers the NID program, and the District manages design and construction of the system. After completion, the ownership of the sewer system is transferred to the Sewer District, the residents become customers of the Sewer District, and the Sewer District becomes responsible for operations and maintenance. 

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  3. Developer-Built Systems – The Boone County Regional Sewer District Board and Staff supports the philosophy that new development should pay its own way. When a developer comes to the District to propose a new neighborhood, he or she will be responsible for the cost to construct the collection system that will serve the development. In addition, connection fees are charged for connection to treatment facilities that have capacity for new development. If a new treatment facility must be constructed or an existing facility must be improved in order to treat the wastewater from the new development, the developer will be responsible for these costs. Upon completion the developer transfers ownership of the system to the Sewer District.

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  4. Transfer of Private to Public Systems – The Boone County Regional Sewer District is a Tier 2 Continuing Authority. This authority gives the Sewer District the right to compel private systems to connect to the Sewer District if a District system is available in the area and connection of the private system is feasible. The Clean Water Commission and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources support this effort to regionalize wastewater collection and treatment and thereby reduce the number of points in the County where treated wastewater is discharged into the environment.  

    If you own a private system and would like more information about becoming a part of the Sewer District, email the general manager.