Concorde Estates

Actual Costs – $117,185 ($53,695 paid by ARRA Grant)
Completion Date – August 2010

  • Engineered by Integrity Engineering
  • Constructed by Plan B Development
  • Approximately 3300 LF of 10” interceptor sewer
  • Eliminates the Concorde Estates WWTP by connecting to the City of Columbia's wastewater treatment and collection system
  • Closes a facility required to comply with new water quality regulations by February 11, 2011


  • Concorde 1


    Manholes for the Concorde Estates WWTP interceptor waiting to be installed.

  • Concorde 2


    The contractor creates a path for the sanitary sewer line that will connect to the City of Columbia sanitary sewer system.

  • Concord 3


    Preparing the trench for the interceptor.

  • Concord 4


    Preparing to set the manhole that will intercept the flows from the Concord Estates Wastewater Treatment Plant pictured in the background behind the equipment.

  • Concord 5


    Setting a manhole.

  • Concord 6


    Scrap metal is all that is left of the wastewater treatment plant.