Manchester Heights

Estimated cost - $486,225

  • Engineered by Trabue, Hansen and Hinshaw Engineering
  • This project is designed and a construction permit issued by MO Department of Natural Resources
  • Construction bids will be solicited summer 2014
  • The homeowner’s conducted an income survey and qualified for a grant through USDA
  • The project was awarded a CDBG grant of $210,000
  • The balance of the project will be funded by a low interest loan from USDA
  • The project involves
    • Rehabilitating the subdivision’s collection system to meet BCRSD code
    • Construction of an interceptor sewer that connects to the City of Columbia sanitary sewer system
    • Closure of private lagoon system
  • Twenty-seven residences will be served with public gravity sewers
  • The residents will be BCRSD customers and the BCRSD will pay the City to treat the wastewater

The area is located northeast of Columbia off of Mexico Gravel Road. A project map is posted below.

project map

Download Project Map >