Rocky Fork Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) – New Regional Plant

Estimated Costs: $14,000,000

Actual Costs:       $13,198,365

Completed:          WWTP completed August 2015             

                         Collection System completed March 2017


  • Engineered by Shafer, Kline and Warren of Columbia, Macon and Kansas City
  • There were two construction contracts:
    • River City Construction built the WWTP
    • Unnerstall Excavating built the collection system and pump stations
  • The new treatment plant serves
    • Clearview
    • Bon Gor
    • Phenora South
    • Wagon Trail
    • County Downes
    • Powell Subdivision
  • The exiting lagoons and/or wastewater treatment facilities in these neighborhoods were eliminated
  • This project was funded by low interest loans from the State Revolving Fund


The plant location is north of the City of Columbia with Brown School Road on the southern edge of the project and Akeman Bridge Road on the northern edge. A map of the project area is posted below as well as some pictures of the project.


project map

Download Project Map >


  • Rocky Fork


    Aerial picture of project site in the winter 2013

  • Rocky Fork 2


    Aerial picture of project site in the late winter 2013

  • Rocky Fork 3


    Aerial picture of project site in the spring 2014

  • Rocky Fork 4


    The WWTP is taking shape

  • Rocky Fork 5


    Aerial photo May 2014

  • Rocky Fork 6


    Working through the spring rains

  • Rocky Fork 7


    Working through the spring rains