Actual Costs – $58,145 ($28,495 paid by ARRA Grant)
Completion Date – September 2010

  • Engineered by Shafer, Kline and Warren
  • Constructed by C.L. Richardson Company, Inc.
  • Closes the Rollingwood Lagoon
  • Area is currently served by the Midway Crossings WWTP
  • New water quality rules met by new plant



  • Rollingwood 1


    The closure of the Rollingwood Lagoon was funded in part by an ARRA grant.

  • Rollingwood 2


    Removing the sludge from the lagoon.

  • Rollingwood 3


    Removing sludge from the lagoon in order to remove it. The new Midway Crossings WWTP that replaced the lagoon is in the background.

  • Rollingwood 4


    The sludge has been removed and the old lagoon site is left to dry out.

  • Rollingwood 5


    The old lagoon site is now a green space on the outskirts of the Rollingwood Subdivision.

  • Rollingwood 6


    The old lagoon site has been graded and seeded.