Route K

Estimated Cost – $438,000
Actual Costs – $523,050

Completion Date: October 2011

  • Engineered by Shafer, Kline and Warren
  • Constructed by Sterling Excavating of Jefferson City
  • University Estates Interconnection and Lagoon Closure
    • Construct 2,755 LF 8” gravity sewer and 18 manholes
    • Closure of lagoon meets regulations deadline of October 27, 2011
  • Arrowhead Lake Estates Interconnection and WWTP Closure
    • Construct 1299 LF of force main and 6 cleanouts
    • Closure of WWTP meets new regulation deadline of April 1, 2013
  • Closure of Sewer District facilities is possible by connecting the area to the City of Columbia’s wastewater treatment and collection system
  • The users in this area will remain BCRSD customers and the BCRSD will pay the City of Columbia to treat the wastewater

Arrowhead Lake Estates and University Estates are located southwest of Columbia off of Route K. Location maps and pictures of the project are posted below.

Download Topographical map of project area >

Download Project Map >


  • Route K 1


    Location of Arrowhead WWTP which was demolished as part of this project

  • Route K 2


    Photo of Arrowhead WWTP plant before it was demolished

  • Route K 3


    The University Estates Lagoon was closed as part of the project. This photo shows how close it was to the homes in the neighborhood.