Ongoing NIDs

The NID Program

The Neighborhood Improvement District (NID) program makes it financially feasible for individual homeowners and their neighbors to install a public sanitary sewer system. The neighborhood borrows the cost of the sewer system from the County. Each resident pays back their share of the cost over a twenty-year period at a low interest rate. Once construction is complete the District will take over the operation and maintenance of the system and the residents will become District customers.

This program is meant to help areas that have failing on-site systems such as septic tanks and lagoons or have a private sewer treatment facility that is in need of replacement, public operations and maintenance. Septic tanks on small lots often are not providing adequate treatment and sewage runs into ditches and across neighboring properties. Lagoons that serve one property take up space, are often an eye sore, produce odors and present maintenance challenges to the owners. Replacing on-site systems with a common collector system means that untreated sewage will no longer drain above ground through the neighborhood and into local creeks and streams.

NIDs projects have been completed in the Pin Oak, WB Smith and Hillcreek Subdivisions. Two current NID projects are in the construction stage and a number of existing neighborhoods with faulty on-site sewer systems have begun the application and formation process.

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