David Shorr

David Shorr serves as Partner in Charge of Lathrop & Gage's Jefferson City and Columbia, Missouri, offices. He is the past Director of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, the State of Missouri's environmental protection, state parks, and natural resources agency.  He served on the cabinet of Missouri's late Governor Mel Carnahan. He also served as Missouri Director of Environmental Quality for former Attorney General John Ashcroft when he was the Governor of Missouri.

Currently, Mr. Shorr represents clients in regulatory matters in the environmental, energy, and utilities arenas and handles complex cases involving the scope of legal authority and government public policy. He also handles regulatory matters involving health care, insurance, and telecommunications. Mr. Shorr is a registered Missouri lobbyist and assists clients with legislative strategies.

Before his tenure with the Department of Natural Resources, Mr. Shorr served as Assistant General Counsel for the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District which is the waste water treatment agency for the greater Cleveland, Ohio Region. He provided representation in all areas of the law, including environmental, labor, real estate, public law, administrative and collection matters. He also has experience as an environmental consultant with engineer firms, where he designed regional water and wastewater programs for municipal corporations and environmental strategies for developing subdivisions.

As a customer of the District, Mr. Shorr's perspective is not only that of an attorney but also that of someone who is served by the District. Mr. Shorr was appointed to the board in February of 2004. He is in his second term which expires January of 2019.