Debbie Schnedler

Ms. Schnedler is a Senior Vice President with Lamont Financial Services Corporation, a New Jersey-based financial advisory firm specializing in municipal finance, primarily for states and state agencies. As the lead advisor for several of the firm's clients, she provides advice on the development and implementation of programs to finance a variety of infrastructure needs, including water, wastewater and energy efficiency. Ms. Schnedler has significant experience with federal/state capitalized revolving fund programs, and has provided programmatic and transactional advisory services to several State Revolving Fund programs, including those in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri and Pennsylvania. She has also completed studies for the US Department of Justice on affordability related to regulatory compliance for several communities.

Ms. Schnedler was instrumental in the development of a unique financing program that provides funding for energy conservation projects undertaken by local governments and school districts, the first of its kind in the nation. She has been actively involved with several nationwide financing organizations and advisory groups.

Prior to joining Lamont in 2000, Ms. Schnedler's previous experience included serving as the Finance Officer of a major Missouri issuer and in mortgage banking. Since 2002, she has lived in Southern Boone County with her husband Joel, where she spends her free time pursuing several hobbies including gardening.

Ms. Schnedler was appointed in October of 2002. She is now serving her fourth term which expires in August of 2020.