The District is staffed by a group of highly trained, highly qualified individuals. The Administration staff includes the General Manager, the Finance and Administration Manager and the Senior Administrative Support Assistant. The Field Crew includes an Operations Manager, an Operations Supervisor, two Senior Wastewater Operators, one Wastewater Operator and two Senior Equipment Operators. The District added a Project Manager/Right of Way Agent to the staff in 2008. The District routinely hires two temporary summer laborers.

Staff credentials include a civil engineering license, four Class A Wastewater Treatment Operator licenses, two Class C Wastewater Treatment Operator Licenses, four Class A Collection System Operator Licenses, one Class C Collection System Operator License, one DDS III Water Distribution License and one Class C Water Operator License.

The operations manager, supervisor and wastewater operators can be seen in your neighborhood inspecting, maintaining and operating treatment facilities and pump stations. The equipment operators are the ones who clean and repair the collection system and assist the wastewater operators on special projects. Two members of the field crew are on call every week to assist you any time of day, seven days a week. Call the emergency number above anytime you experience a problem with your sewer system.

The following staff members can be contacted by e-mail by clicking the links below:

Tom Ratermann, General Manager

As General Manager, Tom's day to day focus is being available to staff and to the public, working on long-range planning and keeping up with changes in the wastewater industry both in regard to regulations and technology. Tom is the one to contact if you are interested in developing in Boone County and have questions about how to meet the sanitary sewer needs of your property.

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Lesley Oswald,
Manager, Finance & Administration

Lesley oversees the front office and keeps a close eye on all the financial aspects of running the District. She is your point of contact if you have questions about the District's audit reports, the current budget, accounts payable, etc. Lesley writes the District newsletter and web content. She is always looking for suggestions for future articles or topics of interest. Lesley also serves as the treasurer and assistant secretary on the Board of Trustees.

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Dwayne Cooksey,
Operations Manager

Dwayne heads up the operations side of the District. He supervises the operations supervisor, three wastewater operators and two equipment operators. Dwayne can either be found in the office monitoring all the statistics that are kept on the treatment facilities and submitting the proper reports to the MO Department of Natural Resources or out in the field inspecting facilities or helping the crew troubleshoot a problem area. Dwayne is the one you want to talk to if you are having trouble with your sewer system.

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Virgil Farnen,
Operations Supervisor

As Operations Supervisor, Virgil oversees the day to day duties of the wastewater and equipment operators. Virgil is also the primary sewer tap inspector, and after twenty three years with the District, knows the entire system from the ground up. Virgil spends most of his time out in the field making sure the operators have the tools, materials and equipment they need to provide you with quality service.

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Andy Lister,
Project Manager

Andy's main duties with the District are easement acquisition and construction inspection. You can call on him if you have a question about the District's current capital improvement projects.

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Sandi Clark,
Administrative Support Assistant

Sandi is the District's first point of contact. She answers the phones and greets visitors to the office.  Sandi can help you with everything from answering questions about your account, paying a bill, water usage adjustments, payment arrangements, and requesting sewer service or inspections.  She can direct you to the appropriate staff member who will have the information you need if she cannot answer your specific questions.

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