Office Administrator

Sandi is the District's first point of contact. She answers the phones and greets visitors to the office.  She can help you with everything from answering questions about your account, water usage adjustments, payment arrangements, and requesting sewer service or inspections.  She can direct you to the appropriate staff member who will have the information you need if she cannot answer your specific questions.  Sandi has taken on the new role of guiding the implementation of the District's new online service maps and electronic workflow applications for the field.  She currently serves at the District's newsletter editor and addresses in-house information and technology needs for the District.

Sandi graduated from high school in Rome, Georgia in 1992, and originally moved to Columbia to study journalism at MU. She eventually transferred to Columbia College and earned a B.S. degree in General Studies with minors in Business Administration, Education, and English. Sandi came to the District in 2012 as a temporary staff member.  She applied and was selected for the Administrative Assistant position in the Spring of 2013.  She was promoted to Senior Administrative Assistant in 2015, and assumed the additional duties of Office Administrator in 2019.  

Sandi has more than 30 years of customer service experience in various industries including the hospitality industry, childcare training and resource centers, worker's compensation insurance and claims, and auto insurance claims. She is currently enrolled in trainings to improve her efficiency in her role as the District's Office Administrator.

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