Operations Manager

As Operations Manager, Virgil oversees the day-to-day duties of the wastewater and equipment operators. Virgil is also our primary sewer tap inspector, and after thirty with the District, knows the entire system from the ground up. Virgil spends most of his time out in the field making sure the operators have the tools, materials and equipment they need.

Virgil was hired as a seasonal employee by the District the summer 1988 and returned the following summer after college. At the end of the summer, the District offered him a full time position. He earned a wastewater operator's license in 1991 and was promoted to a wastewater operator's position. The foreman's position opened up the spring of 1994 and was reclassified as Operations Supervisor; Virgil applied and was selected. During the summer of 2019, he applied for and was promoted to Operations Manager.

Virgil has vast knowledge and experience in the wastewater field. He has attended schools and training sessions to improve and expand his knowledge. He currently holds a Class "A" Certification in Wastewater and a Class "A" Certification in Wastewater Collection Systems.

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