Project Manager

Andy's main duties at the Sewer District are easement acquisition and construction inspection. You can call on him if you have a question about the District's current capital improvements projects.

Prior to joining the Sewer District, Andy spent 10 years working with a local home builder. Before that, Andy worked for Boone County Public Works as the Neighborhood Improvement District (NID) Coordinator. In addition to his other duties at the Sewer District, he continues to coordinate sewer NIDs today.

Andy's father was a Professor in the MU School of Journalism, which is what brought his family here from Milwaukee more than 40 years ago. Andy attended West Jr. and Hickman High School. He graduated from the University of Missouri - Columbia with a degree in General Studies, focusing on Computer Science and Communications.

While at MU, Andy met and married his wife, Wendy. They have two adult children, Hannah and Gus.

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